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Sunday, April 3, 2011

self sufficiency and cash part two

Okay so part one on this subject did not get off to a flying start, however there have been no further breakouts, although I am starting to suspect that the chickens are hatching something! But I shall just have to wait and see. So, two subjects close to my heart self sufficiency and cash.
I should explain that I was introduced to John Seymour's iconic book of self sufficiency by Sue before we left England and I devoured the pages I was indoctrinated! I think I have always felt that I should have lived in an Iron age round house and led a fully autonomous from any state control life style. Except, that other than in my dreams there is no way I could really do this, as a self confessed "petrol head" and semi part time consumerist I do not stand a chance. Looking back on it which bit of France I thought I could create my piece of utopia in God only knows, however I tried, and then realized that planning laws, and everyone else in the household were not so enthused by the round house idea, undaunted I continued with the grow your own side, and then realized we needed cash!
The reality is, that however much it rains here in the winter and the inside of the house resembles a ploughed field with all the mud on the kitchen floor, a source of continual sorrow and work for Sue, I cannot create a paddy field, so rice production is out. Equally I have noticed that banana palms are a bit on the sparse side around here. As for the cacao production well the less said the better. In short we like most other people have to visit the supermarket from time to time, not to mention the many and numerous ways, some of them quite innovative, that the French bureaucratic system and our children try to part us from as much of our cash as possible.
If you read this and are thinking of doing exactly what we have done don't let this article put you off, just remember that you will need to think of new and equally innovative ways of replenishing the coffers, or avoiding paying the very official looking bills that the local treasury take so much pride in producing, in what I must say, are astounding quantities.
 Would I go back to the "old life"? Never, mind you, its not normally me that mops the floors.

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