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This blog is for my best friend, driving force and most beautiful person in the world. Sue.
It is also dedicated to my 2 sons both of which I am so proud of. And the prettiest girls in the world my daughters. Also Jack, Hannah, Callum and Marco who can not share this experience but are always thought of.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

new chickens

As part of the egg and table chicken drive I have pleasure in welcoming 2 new chickens and their fine cockerel to the farm. Their previous owner was quite convinced that their egg laying days were over but I have got 4 beautiful eggs from them in their first 4 days and look forward to many more. This is probably due to the conditions they were sleeping in if they do not get a weekly clean out and fresh straw no matter how nice there day time conditions are they stop egg production a good warning to any one thinking of keeping animals you have to get out and look after them morning and night 7 days a week and in the winter this is not for the faint hearted.
The whole farm idea really took off from chickens, we got the first 5 girls and the colenel in part payment for a bit of work I did for a family. After that all the rest of the chickens and cockerels have been giveaways. But now armed with the incubator, many thanks to Chris for that, I should be able to start raising some new homegrown egg layers and some chickens for the freezer. There is a growing air of discontent with the all pork diet!!

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