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This blog is for my best friend, driving force and most beautiful person in the world. Sue.
It is also dedicated to my 2 sons both of which I am so proud of. And the prettiest girls in the world my daughters. Also Jack, Hannah, Callum and Marco who can not share this experience but are always thought of.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Only Recipes: Stewed Borlotti Beans with Smoked Paprika

Only Recipes: Stewed Borlotti Beans with Smoked Paprika just found this site it really does have some good recipes. One of the problems Sue and I face is getting the kids to eat the produce we grow. The kids like processed food despite the great efforts that Sue makes to give them a healthy balanced diet. I suppose advertiseing and friends have an influence on the likes and dislikes of the kids as well as the ease of eating of processed food naturally gives the kids a preference towards them and the fact that the home produced stuff is around them all the time and therefore lacks the exotica of the supermarket stuff.

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