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This blog is for my best friend, driving force and most beautiful person in the world. Sue.
It is also dedicated to my 2 sons both of which I am so proud of. And the prettiest girls in the world my daughters. Also Jack, Hannah, Callum and Marco who can not share this experience but are always thought of.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is a subject close to my childrens heart, ie. how to avoid eating it, and can I grow baked beans in the garden preferably ready canned with a H......... label. The answer is of course NO, now eat up your greens they are good for you! This lead me to thinking about  children who are brought up from birth in a self sufficient household and how they will differ from a child with a "conventional background". As Thai and Libby had a less selfsufficient start although vegetarianism and organic produce played a large part they actually eat more vegetables more willingly than Kisha or Louis who had self sufficiency almost from birth and complain bitterly or just not eat veg, although age may play a part in this.
Anyway after this ramble which is probably unsolvable anyway I will get to the subject I was going to write about VEG. The two pigs, porkers and scratchings, we had last year as weaners and raised to the fine weights of over one hundred and twenty kilos a piece, one of whom is sadly no longer with us apart from in the freezer, did, as a bi~product of their general living habits, create a superb new veggie patch for us. After a bit of a spend on the credit card I am now in the position, thanks to Dobbies, of starting to make full use of the marvelous rotovating habits of pigs. Broad beans are doing marvelously, the leaks are putting up a good show, and the salad crops in the newly acquired polytunnel (again thanks Chris) are showing signs of a speedy free and healthy tea time.
Dispite all this and the fact that Sue is a truly great and innovative cook, will the kids sit down happily to a good home produced meal with real fresh produce get up from the table and say " wow thanks
Mum and thanks Dad for all the hard work"? Will they will they f.........
To end this sad but vaguely humorous tale and restore the faith of our eldest daughter in me being a worthwhile human being and Sue not being a poisoner, I have deciced that after we have raised this years piglets and gained yet another superbly rotovated veg patch I will search the seed catalogues next winter for grow your own Prada shoes and Gucci handbags( I probably got that the wrong way round. Bang goes my street cred,  I can still be a digger and part time dreamer can't I?)

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